How to make your lips soft , smooth and moisturized

Written by LipstickAddict


1. Stay hydrated: this is number one rule, always drink plenty of water. Water is always good for your body as well as your lips. To provent your lips from dryness and chapping , don't forget to drink 8-10 glasses of water . When its hot and humid , it's better to add 1 or 2  more glasses .



2. Moisturize your lips: There are lots of natural way of moisturizing your lips. I used coconut oil or olive oil to moisturize my lips . You may also use vaseline, aquaphor or eucerin.



3. Expoliation: The easiest and simplest and cheapest way to expoliate our lips . Mix coconut oil or olive oil with brown or white sugar, and honey for  exact measurement read here . You may also use vaseline, aquaphor or eucerin and brush our lips with a very soft  tootbrush ( baby toothbrush is better if you have it at home)