Homemade sugar lips exfoliating scrub

Written by LipstickAddict

Did you know that you can make make affordable scrub for your lips to make it softer , smooth and prevent form drying?  If you want to save money instead of  buying ready made lips scrub from your favorite beauty sore, why not make your own lips scrub? 

It's fast, affordable and easy to make from your kitchen . Aside from free from chemicals it is pure organic.

Here are some ingridients that you can find in your kitchen. 

* Brown Sugar

* Organic Coconut Oil ( substitute Oilive oil if you dont have coconut oil)

* Honey

* Lemon ( 1-2 drops)


Instructions:  In a small container, add 2 spoons of brown sugar, 1 spoon organic coconut oil or olive oil and 3/4 spoon of honey, 1-2 drops of lemon juice  and mix all together until it become paste consistency. Sore in a container with cover ( glass container if possible) , and keep  it in room temperature .

Here's how to use it:

*Get a wet and warm small cloth and wipe your lips

*Apply the homemade sugar lips scrub

*massage lips in circular motion

*wipe your lips  with warm clean cloth to rinse off the paste

* you may apply aquaphor or eucerin to moisturize every night before going to bed

*You may repeat process 3-4 time a week